Aavikunurga -

the Birthplace of Philologist Johannes Aavik

Johannes Aavik (8 December [O.S. 26 November] 1880 in Randvere, Laimjala Parish, Governorate of Livonia, Russian Empire – 18 March 1973 in Stockholm) was an Estonian philologist and Fennophile who played a significant role in the modernization and development of the Estonian language.

Aavikunurga Garden Facilities

We have large garden areas around each of our buildings. There are fruits and berries growing in the gardens that children can taste so that they understand where and how the fruits and berries grow. There are also playgrounds for children near each building as well as a ply corner in the breakfast room.

Statue of Debora Vaarandi

Debora Vaarandi (1916 – 2007) Estonian writer, grew up in Laimjala. Her work celebrates values such as the love of nature, the importance of family and the beauty of small things. Many of her poems have been set to music. One of the most famous song is Saaremaa Valz presented by Georg Ots. In 2005, she was recognized with the Cultural Award of the Republic of Estonia. Her statue is in Laimjala village.
Laimjala Valss


Kõiguste harbour

Kõiguste Marina is a Yacht harbour on the South side of Saaremaa – daysail from Kihnu (22nm), Ruhnu (23nm), Roomassaare (15nm) or Lõunaranna (21nm) harbours. The marina has floating pontoons, electricity, water, showers, sauna, and famous bar John´s Place that is open as long as the clients are enjoying themselves! For smaller sailors it might be interesting to visit adventure park and farm animals zoo a Viking village (~6,5 km) during stay.


Asva Viking Village

Different eras from three thousand years are combined at Asva Viking Village. Thematic activities and modern attractions offer a good time for guests of all ages. Braver guests can put themselves to test on our adventure trail (12 meters from the ground). You can hone your skills of archery, axe-throwing, viking games, and horse riding. There are both smaller and larger animals and also a lot of colourful birds waiting to befriend you at the animal park.